On The Spectrum

This is an article about two very different types of spectra… The First Spectrum: Today I am feeling particularly inspired by a teenager who was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Time Magazine announced today that this young woman will be their “Person of the Year”, the youngest person ever to be honored in this way. I am referring, of […]

Living With Death

This week was the very first recorded incident of a fully-autonomous “self-driving” car driving into a human being and killing them as a result. Of course this is a horrible thing especially for the victim, Elaine Herzberg, her children, other members of her family, and her friends. In writing this article I don’t mean to diminish the repugnance of this […]

Parallel Lines

Here are some parallel lines of thought that will be converging on the horizon for me over the next week: – Moore’s Law, and 1995-2005 versus 2005-2015 – CPUs versus GPUs, and a surprising return to 16 bit floating point numbers – Perils of parallelism versus Scala and Golang FTW – Blockchains and BitCoin – Deep Learning Neural Networks – […]

Blog #0

What is this site about? This site is about sharing knowledge and experience. Earlier in my career I taught Computer Science at a university in my native Canada for 13 years, and I really miss teaching. Seeing that spark of understanding in a student’s eyes, or seeing the work of student who just discovered some new technology and has enthusiastically […]