Your Own Quantum Computer

The logic for me on this is simple: quantum computers are extremely exciting, therefore I want one. What’s so exciting about them? Everything associated with quantum science is both mysterious and intuitively unbelievable! I mean, there’s superposition — the notion that something can simultaneously be in two different states but when observed it will with certainty take on one or […]

PiDuino? (ArduinoPi2)

Previously I wrote a local article about using an Arduino as a peripheral device connected to the Raspberry Pi (using Firmata). This new article looks at a different way to connect these two star-crossed lovers enabling us to manage the beautiful analog sweetness of the Arduino within a much larger, more powerful, and Internet-connected Raspberry Pi. This article shows how […]

PWM for Peace

Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) is a wonderful technology found in many modern microcontroller boards and can be easily added to any others. In my most recent project, PWM technology helped me to achieve peace and quiet. Read on and I’ll tell you all about that below. I also used PWM for many parts of my human-sized robot project shown above. […]

Perfect Pi Cam

For some of the projects I want to try this year I need a small computer platform with video input capabilities, linux, wifi, and raw processing power (the more, the better). The Raspberry Pi computers (every single one of them!) fit this bill nicely. This page will show you how to set up a solid little video input platform you […]


This is a story of true romance; a match made in silicon heaven; a story of an unlikely match up between two very different single board computers (SBCs): a Raspberry Pi 2 model B, and an Arduino Pro Mini. It’s a story that could be told about any Raspberry Pi model paired with any Arduino model. Arduino SBCs are really […]

Analog vs Digital

Completely Different Languages! In the beginning, as the universe burst into existence, so did a nearly infinite set of continuous streams of information. There were exactly zero discontinuous streams of discrete, digital events. However, once digital computers started popping up on the third large rock orbiting our rather ordinary star, many of those computers started digitizing information streams into digital […]