Riding NVIDIA’s slipstream, with Python

With the release of NVIDIA’s Deepstream 5, a new Python binding was provided. This article presents a simple Python example program that takes in an RTSP video feed, sends it through a Deepstream pipeline that does some object detection on the stream, and ultimately produces an annotated RTSP output stream (with boxes around detected objects). You will learn how Deepstream […]

Living With Death

This week was the very first recorded incident of a fully-autonomous “self-driving” car driving into a human being and killing them as a result. Of course this is a horrible thing especially for the victim, Elaine Herzberg, her children, other members of her family, and her friends. In writing this article I don’t mean to diminish the repugnance of this […]

Parallel Lines

Here are some parallel lines of thought that will be converging on the horizon for me over the next week: – Moore’s Law, and 1995-2005 versus 2005-2015 – CPUs versus GPUs, and a surprising return to 16 bit floating point numbers – Perils of parallelism versus Scala and Golang FTW – Blockchains and BitCoin – Deep Learning Neural Networks – […]