About the Mosquito


I’m a computer scientist and software engineer who works from home (WFH) full time in Silicon Valley. Or sometimes I work from Rome (WFR?). Or sometimes I work from ship (WFS!!), on the high seas somewhere (see above). I work during the work day (for me, about 6AM-3PM, Mon-Fri), and often long after that into the evening, until the wee small hours. Sometimes I even do a bit of work when I am supposed to be on vacation.

The thing is, I like working, especially when the people I work with really challenge me. I tried retiring in 2011, but I immediately dove into hobbies that looked a lot like my work. Of course, they didn’t pay as well and although they were fun, frankly they weren’t as challenging. In 2013 some ex-colleagues talked me into coming back to work. There I found a team of really brilliant people. They are completely driven, curious, and highly productive. As a team we have a lot of freedom to explore new technologies and suggest projects to our management. I hope I can work with this team of excellent engineers for a very long time.

What I like doing is seizing the shiny bits of new technologies. As I discover them I like trying to make something useful from them. In this website, I’ll share my experiences, share knowledge, and give opinions. I hope I’ll get the same in return from you.