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What is this site about?

This site is about sharing knowledge and experience. Earlier in my career I taught Computer Science at a university in my native Canada for 13 years, and I really miss teaching. Seeing that spark of understanding in a student’s eyes, or seeing the work of student who just discovered some new technology and has enthusiastically crafted it into something beautiful and elegant… well, those were good times. Teaching is a very satisfying profession. I know that I won’t see those sparks at the instant of comprehension, but I do hope to see some posts from people who try the things I blog about. And that leads nicely into the last paragraph of this post…

What content is going to be on this site?

I have been a software engineer for well over 30 years, and I have actively resisted specializing (as much as I could) over those years. I guess I get bored easily. Every new shiny technology that comes along seems to attract my attention. I’m always trying to make something new. I am itching to share some of the things I have learned recently. I’d love to talk with you about mobile apps, cloud computing, blockchain, container virtualization, golang, internet-of-things, microcontrollers (RPi, Arduino, ESP, and many more), electronics (analog and digital, basic transistor circuits), sensors, actuators, servos, robotics, Software-Defined Radio, 3D printing, deep learning, neural networks, neuromorphic chips — to name-drop a few bits of technology that have crossed my path in the last few years. So…

Welcome to DarlingEvil!

I plan to just follow my nose to start with, but I’d love to get feedback from readers about what interests you too. Want to know more about me? See the about page.

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